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There are a few Dlock errors that you can check for and resolve in your ILR data return, these are:

Dlock_07: no matching negotiated price

There is a different price in the ILR and employer's Apprenticeship Service (AS) record. This could be because:

  • you have amended the TNP price directly in your ILR data, or
  • you added new TNP records and backdated these to the start date of the apprenticeship, or
  • you added new TNP records and backdated these to a previous funding year.

Quick check:

  • Firstly, check the ILR for the correct price. If the ILR price is wrong, correct it.
  • If it is correct, check the price change in your ILR (and see below – resolution).


  • Amend the TNP price back to its original state
  • Then introduce new TNP record(s) with a date in the current funding year (date recorded must be after 1st August).
  • After amendment, you will probably have three, or more TNP records (an example is below for addition of an assessment cost):
    • TNP 1 - original record, dated on programme start
    • TNP 1 - new price record, dated after start date, and within the current funding year
    • TNP 2 - assessment price, dated same as new TNP 1.

Find further information about changes in negotiated price during the programme on Submit Learner Data.

Dlock_09: no matching start date

This is triggered when the start date for the apprenticeship programme and total negotiated price in your ILR data is before the programme start date in the employer AS account.

Quick check:

  • Your ILR start date will be before the employer AS account start date for the apprenticeship programme.


There are a few options, dependent on funding stream for the programme:

Levy funded

  • Contact the employer to stop the commitment (back to the start date),
  • Then raise a new commitment with the correct start date – to match ILR date
  • Levy transfer funded
  • The employer will only be able to restart the commitment (as above) back to the sign off date of the levy transfer

Reserve funded

  • The employer will not be able to backdate the commitment

Where the Apprenticeship Service date is the correct:

  • Withdraw the ILR record (programme and component aims) in your current data
  • Set the Learning actual end date to the same as the start date using withdrawal reason 40.
  • Then generate a new record - use the start date of the programme in the Apprenticeship Service as the programme start date.

Dlock_10: employer has stopped the record

This triggers when an employer has stopped a commitment in their AS account and the date does not match with payments qualifying date in the ILR.

For example, a learner is withdrawn in ILR on the 28th Sept and the AS account is stopped in Sept. This means that payments will be stopped by AS default from the 1st Sept and will not be actioned for that month in ILR.

You can see this in column G (AS account STOP date) and column I (ILR end/withdrawal date - ACT to date) of the Apprenticeships data match report. The AS account date should, ideally, be the month after the ILR close date.

Quick check:

  • Has the apprentice withdrawn from the programme?
  • Has the payment been made in the withdrawal month, if due?


  • Speak with the employer
  • If the learner is no longer in learning:
    • The Learning actual end date must be covered by the STOP date in the employers AS account (this usually means it must be dated in the month following the withdrawal).
  • If the employer has stopped the record incorrectly:
    • they need to speak with the National Apprenticeship Service to have the record backdated and a new commitment added in its place.
    • This can only be done through the National Apprenticeship Service on 0800 015 0600.

Dlock_10: after a change of employer

Here, a DLOCK_10 is when the learner’s ILR record is matched against an employer’s AS account and that record is stopped.

To resolve this sort of DLOCK_10 error:

  • The original employer should move the stop date to the month following the learner leaving them
  • If the original employer does not want to move the stop date, the training provider may need to record a Break in learning (start the break in the month before the employer STOP in AS account), with the return to a new employer
  • Record the restart with the new employer as price record TNP 3/4, as per change of employer. 

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