Understanding End Point Assessment when apprentices are impacted by provider termination

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This article provides information on End-point assessment (EPA) for apprentices and employers affected by the termination of a provider’s funding agreements.

End Point Assessment Introduction

EPA is the final stage of an apprenticeship. It is an impartial assessment of whether your apprentice has developed the knowledge, skills, and behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standard.

Your apprentice can only pass and fully complete their apprenticeship if they pass the end-point assessment.

You can review your apprentice's apprenticeship standard assessment plan on The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) website for more details.

Additional guidance on how you can support your apprentice through end-point assessment is on gov.uk.

End Point Assessment Gateway

Gateway is the period of time when it is collectively agreed (between the training provider, employer and apprentice) that your apprentice has achieved all the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs), that they will need in preparation for their end-point assessment (EPA).

To trigger EPA gateway, your apprentice must have:

  • spent a minimum of 12 months on programme
  • fully completed all required apprenticeship training (including the 20% off the job training)
  • fully completed their apprenticeship portfolio
  • fully completed the required qualifications such as NVQ, Diploma and/or Functional Skills qualifications in English and/or Maths (where applicable)
  • received confirmation from you as their employer that they are consistently working at or above the full competence level required of the apprenticeship standard
  • formal agreement from the apprentice, you as their employer, and your training provider that you are ready to progress to EPA

End Point Assessment and provider termination

Scenario 1

If your apprentice is not at Gateway and is not ready to start their End Point Assessment (EPA) by the time your provider's funding agreements with ESFA are terminated, you will need to find a new provider to transfer your apprentice to. This is so your apprentice can complete their training before starting their EPA.

Scenario 2

If your apprentice has already passed Gateway and is ready to start, or has already started, their EPA by the time your provider's funding agreements with ESFA are terminated, your apprentice can proceed to complete their EPA with your chosen End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

Your apprentice cannot transfer to a new training provider if they have already passed Gateway and is ready to start, or has already started, their EPA. This is because there is no apprenticeship training left for a new provider to deliver.

If your current provider can still support your apprentice through the EPA with your selected EPAO after the termination date, they can do so if no further learning is required. In this scenario, your EPAO will complete the EPA, and your provider will pay the EPAO as originally agreed using the apprenticeship funding, they will have received from ESFA throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.

If your current provider is unable to support your apprentice through the EPA, your EPAO can still conduct the EPA without their involvement or the involvement of any other provider. In this scenario, DfE will work with your EPAO and liaise with the provider and the EPAO to ensure payment for the EPA is made.

If you are uncertain about which situation applies to you, start by contacting your training provider. If you're unable to reach them, then contact your chosen EPAO to enquire whether your apprentice is registered for the EPA and has a scheduled EPA date.

End Point Assessment Outcomes

If your apprentice does not pass their EPA and fails one of more components of the assessment, they might be offered the opportunity to re-sit their EPA or they may need to re-take additional training.

If a resit is required, no additional learning will be needed. You should discuss arranging a resit for your apprentice directly with your EPAO.

If a retake is required, your apprentice will need additional learning before they can retake their EPA. In this instance, you will need to identify a new provider who can deliver the additional learning.

You as the employer are responsible to fund the cost of a resit or retake.

The apprenticeship gateway and resits for end-point assessment (EPA) page on GOV.UK provides guidance about resits and retakes (including paying for them).

End Point Assessment Certification

If your apprentice successfully completes their apprenticeship and passes their EPA they will be awarded with a certificate. The EPAO will request the certificate from ESFA on your behalf.

ESFA usually post certificates within 10 working days of approving the EPAO’s request. If you have not received your certificate, you should contact your EPAO.


Get help with DfE and ESFA enquiries

If you require advice from DfE regarding EPAs you can contact us by following these steps using the Customer Help Portal, you should contact your EPAO for clarification before contacting DfE.

  • When prompted with the "Is this enquiry about a specific organisation?" screen select "yes" and provide details of your previous provider.
  • When asked "What is your enquiry about?" select "Provider Closure."
  • On the enquiry details screen, you will be prompted to specify the nature of your enquiry.
  • In the "Add a short title" box, type "EPA Clarification Required"

If your EPAO is unsure, they can contact DfE directly for support using the Customer Help Portal.

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