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To return additional payments using the Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS) there are a number of columns to complete.


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Funding line

The funding line to be used will be present for the programme aim on the Apps Monthly Payment Report, in column AO (Funding Line Type).

Adjustment type

This will either be 'Authorised Claims - Additional payments for provider', or, 'Authorised Claims - Additional payments for employer', depending on who you are returning the funds for. If there is a requirement to return funds for both the training provider and employer, these must be recorded on separate lines for the relevant adjustment type.

Calendar year and calendar month

The calendar year and calendar month are the dates it was identified that the funds need to be returned.


The value column should be completed with a negative value, representing the amount needing to be returned. Where there are multiple additional payments to be returned for the same funding line, same adjustment type, same calendar year and calendar month, the value can be a cumulative total of the amount to be returned. 

Any positive or negative values should be offset against each other to only claim or repay the balance expected.

Any value repaid through the EAS cannot be repaid in the future.

Any adjustment made on the EAS will be offset against payments generated through your ILR data. These adjustments will not be paid on separate payments lines on your remittance advice. You may notice the remittance advice is less than anticipated that month to account for the value you are returning.

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