ILR fields required for 16 to 19 funded learning (excluding apprenticeships)

Further education and training providers


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From: Education and Skills Funding Agency

Not all fields listed will need to be completed for all learners in all circumstances.

Please refer to the ILR specification for the full details of the collection rules and requirements. 


  • Learner reference number
  • Learner reference number in previous year
  • UKPRN in previous year
  • Pre-merger UKPRN
  • Campus Identifier
  • Unique learner number
  • Family name
  • Given names
  • Date of birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • LLDD and health problem
  • Accommodation
  • Learning support cost
  • Planned learning hours
  • Planned employability, enrichment and pastoral hours
  • GCSE maths qualification grade
  • GCSE English qualification grade
  • Postcode prior to enrolmentPostcode
  • Address line 1-4
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

LLDD and Health Problem

  • LLDD and health problem category
  • Primary LLDD and health problem

Learner Funding and Monitoring (FAM)

  • High needs students
  • Education Health Care plan
  • Learner support reason
  • Special educational needs
  • National learner monitoring
  • Eligibility for 16-19 (excluding
  • Apprenticeships) disadvantage funding
  • GCSE maths condition of funding
  • GCSE English condition of funding
  • Free meals eligibility
  • Pupil premium funding eligibility

Learner Employment Status

  • Employment status
  • Date employment status applies 

Employment Status Monitoring

  • Employment intensity indicator

Learning Delivery

  • Learning aim reference
  • Aim type
  • Aim sequence number
  • Learning start date
  • Learning planned end date
  • Funding model
  • Subcontracted or partnership UKPRN
  • Delivery location postcode
  • Completion status
  • Learning actual end date
  • Withdrawal reason
  • Outcome
  • Outcome grade

Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring (FAM)

  • Source of funding
  • Restart indicator
  • Learning delivery monitoring
  • HE monitoring

Learning Delivery Work Placement

  • Work placement start date
  • Work placement end date
  • Work placement hours
  • Work placement mode
  • Work placement employer identifier

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