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From: Education and Skills Funding Agency

Many payment issues come from the information provided to us in the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) resulting in unexpected payment amounts. 

Information entered into the ILR should not be adjusted in an attempt to get a specific payment amount. 

Understanding what causes payment issues

Funding rules are complex and change throughout the academic year based on new rules and policies put in place. 

Adjusting information based on previous funding rules could result in unexpected payment amounts. 

For apprenticeships, the Apps Monthly Payment Report can be used to trace payment amounts and ensure that the correct payments were made month to month. 

Information can be filtered by various fields, to ensure you are viewing payments for the appropriate learning aims. You can use this report to confirm if there were issues in the payments made. 

Need support?

Sometimes, although data may have been entered correctly, incorrect payments may occur. 

Payment queries are unique and often not straightforward, and may take some time to investigate. 

If the payment you received is incorrect, please include any relevant information in your query through the Customer Help Portal.

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