Communities guidelines


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From: Education and Skills Funding Agency

Communities is a service provided by the Department for Education (DFE) for you to talk to others about funding and data issues in the education and training sector. 

All content is in the public domain, but only registered users can post topics or replies. DfE staff need to approve users before they can begin posting.

If you wish to post on both the further education and training providers and academies and maintained schools forums, you will need to create an account for both.

As all content will be in the public domain, be sure not to share information that could identify individual learners or disclose any other personal or commercially sensitive information.

Only the titles of posts are listed, so it’s helpful to give your post a title that summarises the issue.

Please be kind and respectful. Any post deemed to be inappropriate, such as malicious content or advertising commercial services, will be removed.

If you have specific queries or need official advice from the DfE, please submit a query through the Customer Help Portal.

If you have any problems using DfE communities or want to flag any content that you think is inaccurate or inappropriate, please email 

By creating an DfE communities account, you agree to the terms & conditions.