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Submit learner data > Download reports > Apprenticeship data match report.

The report is generated in the download reports folder after each submission that passes through validation. It is also generated again in the Apps period end reports, after the data close.


The information on your ILR submission does not match the information held on the apprenticeship service.

Dlock_10 can be triggered for one of three reasons:

1. An employer has stopped a commitment on the apprenticeship service and the date does not match with payments qualifying date in the ILR.

For example, a learner is withdrawn on the 30th September and the AS account is stopped in September– this means that payments will not be actioned for September, unless the STOP date is applied in a later month (the STOP date withholds any further payments after the date but does not clawback payments already made). 

Action to take 

Speak with the employer; if the learner is no longer in learning, the learning actual end date must be covered by the STOP date in the apprenticeship service (this usually means it must be dated in the month following the withdrawal).

If the employer has stopped the record incorrectly, they need to speak with the National Apprenticeship Service to have the record backdated and a new commitment added in its place. This can only be done through the National Apprenticeship Service.

2. An employer has STOPPED the AS account record 

Dlock_10 may trigger where a learner has gone on a break in learning. If this happens, the employer may have stopped the record instead of pausing it.

Action to take

In this case the employer will need to follow the steps as above as the guidance states they need to PAUSE (rather than stop) the record.

3. Change of employer

Dlock_10 may also trigger where there has been a learner transfer and the old employer has stopped the AS account too early. For example, an apprentice leaves their employer on 13th April and starts with their new employer on 5th May.

Action to take

The original employer should move the stop date to match the start date with the new employer (in this case May)

If the original employer does not want to move the stop date, you may need to record the change of employer as a withdrawal from the date they left the original employer (in this case April) and then a restart with the new employer (in May). In ILR terms this would be a withdrawal and a restart without an agreed Break in learning.

If the apprentice leaves the original employer on the last calendar day of the month, the stop date must be added for the next month, as the original employer is responsible for the training for the full month and any co-investment due.

For further help and guidance,please see Individualised Learner Record (ILR) technical documents, guidance and requirements (Provider Support Manual)

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