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What is the TNP

Total negotiated price, or TNP, is the price recorded in the financial details of your data when a learner enrols on programme.

If a learner changes employer during their learning programme, you will need to recalculate the TNP 3 and 4 values.

What are the different TNP values  

The different TNP values represent: 

  • TNP 1 is the training price
  • TNP 2 is the end point assessment (EPA) price
  • TNP 3 and 4 are recorded when there has been a change of employer

TNP 3 and 4 should reflect the price negotiated for the remaining training and assessment costs for the same apprenticeship programme with the new employer only.

How to calculate the TNP value after a learner changes employer

This is an example of how to calculate the TNP value after a learner changes employer.

An apprentice has a training price (TNP1) of £10,000 and an end point assessment price (TNP2) of £2,000 negotiated on 1 September 2024 on the apprentice’s first day in learning for a 12-month programme. 

On 23 November a change of employer is recorded. A residual training price (TNP3) is negotiated at £8,400, and a residual end point assessment price (TNP4) is negotiated at £2,000.

The original TNP programme costs:

  • TNP 1 (01/09/2024) - £10,000
  • TNP 2 (01/09/2024) - £2,000
  • TNP 3 (23/11/2024) - £8,400
  • TNP 4 (23/11/2024) - £2,000

The apprentice then goes on a break from learning on the 1 April after drawing down 5 months of on programme payments of £924.44 each, totalling £4,622.22.

When the apprentice returns from a break in learning on the 15 June the new TNP 3 and 4 records should reflect the costs which are remaining to deliver the apprenticeship.

The new TNP programme costs:

  • TNP 3 (15/06/2025) - £3,777
  • TNP 4 (15/06/2025) - £2,000

This will ensure that the remaining payments are correct to deliver the reminder of the apprenticeship.

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