How to correct the R108 data error before the R14 close

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R108 error message

R108 is an error message that regularly occurs in R13 and R14 data returns.

This error affects funding models: 25, 35, 70, 81, and Advanced learner loans. 


Quick check

If you get a R108 error message, check that there is a 'learner destination and progression' record in your current data, and that this is after the learners latest Learning actual end date, and dated within 2 months of the aim completion.

Please also ensure that the D&P (Destination and progression) record contains:

  • the destination details
  • a learner reference number that matches the learning record 
  • a ULN that matches the learning record

D&P records can be dated in the following year and will not cause an error, for example, a learner's last aim completes on 23rd July – a D&P record must be present with a date after the 23rd July and before 23rd September.


You may also see R107 Warnings in your validation report, where the learner Destination and progression record is not present, and the latest aim Learning actual end date is less than two months past. This means that these Warnings are likely to show as R108 Errors soon.


Online guidance

Find more information about recording destination and progression records and completion codes and outcome types for Traineeships. 


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