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Appr 23/24 - Minimal Financial Assistance declaration



Just wondering what other peoples understanding/knowledge is in relation to the Minimal Financial Assistance Declaration that is mentioned in the draft Apprenticeship rules for 23/24. It sounds like it impacts any 16-18 SME non-levy learner plus any non-levy learners funded via a levy transfer. Suggests that the employer needs to give us an MFA declaration, or is it something that we can include in our enrolment paperwork?


Subsidy control

·        New for 1 August 2023 153 to 156 - We have updated this section to reflect the UK subsidy control regime.

Ø  Evidence requirements - Where applicable (for waiving of the small employer contribution and transfers), the employer must give a Minimal Financial Assistance declaration to their provider.

·        153. Funds received by providers from an employer’s apprenticeship service account (including government top-ups to funds), government-employer co-investment and additional payments do not fall within the scope of subsidy control from 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2024.

·        154. Waiving of the employer contribution for small employers is likely to amount to a subsidy. The subsidy control rules will therefore apply to such cases. For more information on subsidy control, please visit the UK subsidy control regime guidance on GOV.UK.

·        155. Transfers of funds between employers also engage the subsidy control rules. For any transfer an employer receives, a percentage of the transferred funds will count towards the employer’s Minimal Financial Assistance (MFA) exemption. This percentage represents the amount of co-investment the employer would have otherwise had to contribute towards the apprenticeship, if funds had not been transferred.

Ø  155.1. The provider must ensure the employer completes a MFA declaration for relevant funding they receive as a result of the waiver of the employer contribution for small employers and transfers.

·        156. If providers become aware that an employer exceeds their Minimal Financial Assistance exemption of £315,000 over a rolling 3 year period, they must contact us.


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