Annabel Redshaw



Hi, we have a DLOCK07 error with regards to training cost.  The employer set the apprenticeship account up as £9000 as advised which we approved, then when starting the apprentice we noticed more prior learning so reduced the cost (this lower cost went into the ILR) which created the DLOCK error.  I requested the error on the apprenticeship account to be updated to the ILR but this hasn't happened.  

If I put new TNP's in how will it get rid of this error?  Does the employer need to approve the cost?




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Martin West

Yes the employer must approve the change for it to be implemented.


Roz Goodall

This might sound really obvious, but you need to ask the employer to look at the record on the service and approve the change. I've had this recently where the employer hadn't received any notifications from the service that a change was pending. Additionally the change request seemed to expire after a couple of days - possibly a following data return cleared it?

Annabel Redshaw

Hi,  yes it looks like this is what happened. all sorted now thank you