James Brooklyn

Additional Support Funding for non-EHC learners


We've recently had 2 learners start who have additional learning needs and we feel they would benefit from additional learning support. Neither have an EHCP in place, are we able to claim additional support funding for them and what are the best practices for doing this?

This will be the first time we have needed to make these claims and want to make sure we do everything correctly.


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Ben James

Them not having an EHCP would not prevent you from claiming LSF. You’re entitled to claim for any reasonable adjustments you need to make for apprentices who have a learning difficulty/disability that would otherwise hinder their ability to complete their apprenticeship.

You’d need evidence of an assessment of their difficulty/disability (whether conducted by yourself or a 3rd party) and justification for why any recommended adjustments (for which you’ll need a clear and detailed plan) are necessary to assist the apprentice in completing their apprenticeship.

You’ll then need to review the apprentice every month they’re receiving the support to make sure it’s effective and still necessary.

This is a very short summary, but I’d suggest you review P78 onwards for more detailed guidance.