Sangita Dhar (ESFA)

Submit Learner Data (SLD) service has now moved to DfE Sign-in


You must now use DfE Sign-in to access SLD and you can no longer use IDAMs to sign into the service.

SLD users have been sent instructions on how to use DfE Sign-in to access the service. We recommend checking to ensure your access is working correctly.

If you’re not able to log in to SLD you can contact us using the DfE Sign-in help form.

See more information on our DfE Sign-in page


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Steve Hewitt

Interestingly, despite suggestions that SLD would be automatically added to my DfE Sign In, I had to use "Add services to my account" to get it to appear. Was only a ten second job (I presume because I'm an Approver), but colleagues should be aware that it might not just be there when you log in.

Sangita Dhar (ESFA)


Apologies for delay in responding. A small number of DfE Sign-in accounts failed to receive the SLD service update. This has now been resolved.


Steve Hewitt

Yes, I got two copies of the same email on Friday telling me!