Pauline Elliott

2023/24 LearnDelFAMType_22



Is anyone else as confused as me with the above rule for 2023/24? It's "The Full or co-funding indicator must not be returned for this Funding model" and I've got it against our Community Learning aims, funding model 10, despite the following being in the 23/24 ILR Spec:

From the 1st of August 2023 the Full/co funding indicator for Community learning and should be allocated as shown below.

  • Code 1 should be used if the learner is fully funded and does not pay any fees.

  • code 2 should be used if the learner is co-funded and, as such, makes a contribution to the cost of the provision by paying a fee.

So should it be returned or not?! Got to love this time of year :-) 


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Graham Palfreman

We are experiencing the same problem, but looking at the the \ILR_Validation_Rules_2023_24_Version_1 (1).xlsx the rule is applied because it is FM 10, which appears to contradict the ILR spec

Pauline Elliott

Graham Palfreman yep, really helpful when they contradict each other!

Submit Learner Data Team (ESFA)

The ILR specification is correct, the full/co-funded indicator is required for Community learning from 1st August 2023. The validation rule is incorrect and has not been updated to reflect this, we have set the rule LearnDelFAMType_22 to warning until we are able to update it.


Andrew Taylor


Have just run an ILR and am having this same issue - all of our community learning (FM10) are suddenly flagging under Rule LearnDelFAMType_22, Error Message: 'The Full or co-funding indicator must not be returned for this Funding mode'.

Is this a known issue?



Graham Palfreman

Hi Andrew I have just run one and our CL is not experiencing that Error - Has the FFI dropped off in your extraction or some one changed you waiver reference data (that might be and EBS things rather than global MIS)

Andrew Taylor

Thank you for your swift response.  I bypassed the FIS and went straight to submit ILR and it's fine there. Have asked our IT guy to update my FIS tomorrow which I think will resolve it