Ceri Fishlock

AEB eligibility for Gurkha spouse



Would the spouse of a serving soldier in the Gurkha's based in the UK be eligible for AEB funding?  She has only been here 13 months.



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Kelly Knights

Is the funding provided by ESFA or one of the Combined Authorities?

I’m sure those serving are eligible, I’m just not sure about the spouse. What sort of residency permit do they hold?


Steve Hewitt

Ooh, tricky. The national rules only mention family members of *other nations' armed forces* (which Ghurkhas technically aren't), so I guess it will have to be three years?

(I've been around long enough to remember when Ghurkhas had their own paragraph! Yes, yes, the Rules were written in hieroglyphics at the time...) 

Ceri Fishlock

Its ESFA funding and she doesn't appear to have any immigration status of her own.  She is here as a dependant of her husband.

Ceri Fishlock

Sadly that will mean she isn't fundable Steve :(

Steve Hewitt

Yeah, bit of a pain... Even with the overseas armed forces, the husband would have to have been stationed here for three years before a family member is eligible...

Ceri Fishlock

He has been here for 4 years but she only came over a year ago.

Steve Hewitt

[I know but...] maybe worth a Service Desk email to confirm that "overseas" does or doesn't include Ghurkhas? I assume it's mainly for the US bases...

Ceri Fishlock

I received the following response from the ESFA:

Members of other nations’ armed forces stationed in England, and their family members, aged 19 and over, are eligible for ESFA funded AEB, set out in the who we fund section, if the armed forces individual has been ordinarily resident in England for the previous 3 years on the first day of learning. We will not fund family members that remain outside of England.



Steve Hewitt

Thought they might fall back on that, and I'd certainly use it to fund this individual given it's the response from the Service Desk but, as I say above, Ghurkhas *aren't* members of other nations armed forces, they're part of the British army.