Annabel Redshaw

Price amount above funding band limit


We have an apprentice our total negotiated price is £17000 (funding bank upper limit is £21000),  The apprentice has had prior learning from previous enrolment hence the £4000 reduction.  We are showing price amount over funding band limit as £4400 should we change our negotiated price by another £4400?


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Ben James

What's the standard? A bit confused about you saying the upper limit is £21,000 (which you are below), and then saying it's telling you you're over by £4,400

Annabel Redshaw

The learner moved provider so already had what we were told £4000 used in funding, hence our price of £17000.  the price above funding band limit on the indicative report is showing £4400 above.

Ben James

What is the standard? 

Laura Howard

Hi Annabel, this would suggest that £4400 has already been drawn down for the learner not £4000