Rachel Leigh

Changed employer whilst on a BIL


Can anyone help me!

We have an apprentice who went on a break in learning on 25/05/23, she then left her original employer 07/07/23 (whilst on the break), started at the new employer on 20/07/23 and then returned from the break in learning 11/09/23.  How do we record this on the ILR and agreements?




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Melanie Aspinall

The apprenticeship agreement has broken down so that should be recorded as a withdrawal and a new start with the new employer (with a restart indicator in the ILR) and the start date would be 11/09/2023 (or when the learning activity took place after the return from BIL date).

Ben James

At the most recent webinar the ESFA did on Breaks in Learning they confirmed that you'd leave the original record as it was, and process the return, just with the new employer and with residual prices (TNP3/TNP4).


Melanie Aspinall

Interesting! Good to know. Thanks Ben. That should help immensely. Would this be applicable to any form of break because to me that's implying where we apply a BIL for change of employer, not for a BIL for say personal circumstances.


Rachel Leigh

So you wouldn't withdraw the learner, you'd just add a change to employment status as of the date the learner started at the new employer even though they are on a BIL and add TNP3/TNP4 prices?

Ben James

You wouldn't withdraw them, no. You'd essentially process them as a return from a break, adding a new employment status and TNP3/4 prices according to how much the new employer has to pay.

Rachel Leigh

So the employment status date and TNP3/TNP4 dates will be those of 20/07/23, and then process the BIL as usual with 11/09/23 dates and new TNP3/TNP4 with dates of 11/09/23?

Ben James

Yes. Restart (and TNP3/4 entries) as of 11/9/2023, with a new employment status entry as of 20/7/2023.

Tracey Grant

Hi, just seen this post

We have  been adopting the change of employer approach on return from BIL however that has caused us lots of DLOCK07 issues - I've just watched the webinar mentioned above and it doesn't cover the complexity of how to actually do it within the ILR to make sure that the new employer is set up when they return from BIL -  for example if they go on BIL 1/11/23, change employer on 5/1/24, but then don't return from BIL until 19/2/24.

In majority of cases we only find out they changed employer just before they are due to return from BIL / then we've got to ensure the new employer is prepared to support & sort out necessary required documentation  which takes time and could delay the return from BIL even further?

Many thanks