Ben Bullers

2324 PDSAT Available Today?


Has anyone had any joy with 2324 PDSAT yet? Latest ESFA Update says it should be available today but i tried to import an ILR and it failed. Logged in through the link on the update and the banner states NOT to upload a 2324 file.

ESFA Update: 29 November 2023 - GOV.UK (



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Laura Howard

nope - just had the following email:

Dear PDSAT User,

23/24 was expected to be available today (30th November) but the deployment failed overnight - we are investigating as a matter of urgency.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Ben Bullers

Just received the same e-mail myself 5 mins after i posted the above. Will continue to wait.

Gill Knight


Does anyone have an update as to when it might be available? 

Ben Bullers


Just imported an ILR and downloaded a set of reports. Not checked any of the data yet but I have a set of 2324 reports pre R04!!!!!

I did log in initially using the link saved in my bookmarks that i used through 2223 and the upload failed (in fact it kicked me out completely before it processed), so i logged in using the link in the ESFA update and it processed and produced a set of reports.

Happy PDSATing one and all.


Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good afternoon,

 I can confirm PDSAT 2324 is out and running.


 Henry W

Liam Darby

Hello Henry Wish,

Please could you confirm that PDSAT for 2023 to 2024 is currently live and running as I've tried twice this morning to upload an R04 file and on both occasions they have failed.

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good morning Liam Darby,

 Is this still the case? 

There might be traffic issues, let me know and I can look in to this.


 Henry W