James Brooklyn

EAS Returned Funding Availability for Transferred Learner


We took on an apprentice from another training provider in October having been told there was a certain amount of funding remaining, however in our indicative reports for October were showing as £3,000 less than what they had told us was available. When we asked the former training provider about this, they said that that they had returned £3,000 worth of funding that they had been claiming while the learning was off work with illness for 4 months, but as R14 had passed, they had to do it through the EAS. 

I raised this with the Help Desk over a month ago, and still have no idea whether this additional £3,000 will become available to us. Our R04 indicatives still show a funding band limit £3,000 than what we were expecting. So all I want to know is, are funds returned through the EAS available on an apprentices financial record?


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Steve Hewitt

I strongly suspect not because the EAS doesn't have individual learner refs in, so how would ESFA know that the money was for this individual?