Pauline Elliott



Has anyone had issues with changing their IDAMS password and then not being able to get into the DfE sign in page? I can access IDAMS ok and can see all the permissions but as soon as my password was changed I now get an error on DfE saying my log in details are not recognised. The ESFA helpdesk can't help and I've had no answer from twice filling in the DfE support form and I've now not been able to access anything for over a week. 



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Graham Knight

Apparently there is currently an issue with resetting passwords on the DfE sign-in at the moment, mainly on older accounts. We had an issue yesterday, still awaiting a fix

Becky O'Brien

I had an issue yesterday with View Your Educational Data which I use rarely. 

I was able to reset the password, however.

Steve Hewitt

"Currently"!!! It's been a problem for like easily two years!!! it will take then roughly two weeks to sort out on my semi-recent experience...

Pauline Elliott

There also seems to be no other way to contact the DfE other than the online form - from which I haven't had any response at all. So frustrating as there are things I need to do but no-one seems bothered/able to do anything!

Pauline Elliott

If anyone else was struggling with this, Graham Knight, there's been a fix issued overnight. I had to go through the reset password 3 times to get it to work but I'm finally back in.