Simon Liversedge

Gov data tables - Apprenticeship starts by provider and standard


Can anyone tell me if its possible to create a table on the Gov data site that shows the number of apprenticeship starts, per standard by provider name?

I can only find it by SSA and provider but want to drill into it further to show the actual numbers per standard.


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Tracy Clement

You can create to show: Leavers, Completers, Achievers, Retention Rate, Pass Rate, Achievement Rate for 2021/22by choosing 

to show number of provider starts. Can't do it by Standard and Provider, just total numbers

or use this one;

Steve Hewitt

I think it's in the raw data tables? Was mucking about with them a couple of months ago and pretty sure I got starts by standard by provider...

Simon Liversedge

Yeah its in the raw ones Steve found it a bit after I posted this, too much data for excel to handle though but managed to get what I needed in the end thank you. 

Darren Vidler

Simon Liversedge can you recall which report it was that you found starts by standard and provider on? I've been trawling the data but can't locate them.

Simon Liversedge

Darren Vidler its in the underlying data so underneath the headline facts you will see a drop down and additional supporting files, then its underlying data apprenticeship starts. 

Its a big file so you need BI really or power query editor in excel to do much with it. 

Steve Hewitt

Or, if you're old school like me, an Access database will deal with it quite nicely ;)