Simon Liversedge



We have a number of learners that have appeared on FRM06 and they are learners that have aims showing as continuing in 22/23 but they do not appear in 23/24. We believe a system issue has caused these errors as upon investigate we can see that a lot of these are learners that have returned from breaks.


The system we use updates the ILR as soon as the coach selects the option to return the learner from a break. However in a lot of cases they have pressed this too soon and do not have evidence of learning so we have to catch this and manually update the ILR to reflect the actual return date.

We suspect that after we have changed the learner’s dates in the 22/23 and 23/24 ILR, the system may have reverted the 22/23 back to the dates the coach has returned them. This means we have different dates in the 22/23 and 23/24 ILR’s.

As an example for one learner if you look at the returning aims from the BIL you will see they have start dates of 10/7/23, however the 23/24 ILR was updated with the correct start dates of 3/8/23. The FRM then sees the 22/23 ILR with the start dates of 10/7/23 and can't see it in the 23/24 ILR as this aim has a different start date. 

I think we need to add the 22/23 aim into the 23/24 ILR with the same dates as the 22/23 one but then withdraw it back to start but I just want to make sure that this is the correct course of action and it wont have any unintended consequences such as duplicate leavers for QAR or funding issues.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so would you agree on my thoughts to correct them? Many thanks in advance


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Laura Howard

Hi Simon, I also have a couple on this report - Continuing learners from last academic year who do not appear in this academic year’s ILR.

However, after doing some digging, our learners are actually in this academic years ILR R1, R2 and R3, these reports now showing on the dashboard are from R4 so the data is not there for them to pull from.

Due to my current organisations current situation, I have gone back to our contact to advise.

Hope you get yours sorted :)

Simon Liversedge

Thanks Laura,

I think in our case they are genuine errors as the aims in the 23/24 are there they just have different start dates to the ILR is treating them as different aims so we are going to have a go at bringing the aim back in but closing it straight back to start to see if that helps. My OCD does not like having any errors even if I know whats behind it and that no funding implications :-)

Nathan Robins

Hi Laura Howard did you get a response to this? I have a lot of learners on my R09 and having looked at them they are showing in previous ILR returns. Most have no changes in date and are just continuing from the previous funding year.