Clare Hancock

AEB learner - Break in Study - Qualifying period


Good Afternoon. I have checked the guidance and cant seem to find the answer, hoping for some help. 

We have an AEB learner who started 04/09/23 and then went on a Break in Study on 21/09/23 (attended 17 days). 

They returned from the BIS on 20/11/23 and last date of attendance was 07/12/23 (attended 18 days). 

I am trying to work out if they attended 42 days + .... does the ILR count the days 04/09/23 to 07/12/23 or does it restart the count anew when they they return from BIS? 


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Phil Dawe

Clare Hancock

I believe that it aggregates the time spent on programme in your case 35 days but I am not sure - details on this are, as you say sketchy.

If you export an ILR with the original and restart record and run it through the FIS or submit learner data the reports that it generates will give you a definitive answer.



Kelly Knights

It was my understanding that the qualifying days applies to both periods so they would not qualify for their return but happy to be corrected.

Steve Hewitt

Sorry Clare, when you say Last Date of Attendance, do you mean withdrawal or completion? If the latter then it kind of doesn't matter, funding will flow. If the former, I'm with Phil, stick it through FIS and see what pops out (and then Report Back please :))

Clare Hancock

thanks all for the advice.  

Steve Hewitt .. it would be last attended date, looking to be a withdrawal.  The tutor is wondering if it will hit his withdrawal stats (which it will) and also if it hits the 42 days funding being withdrawn.  I will run through and ILR and see what happens 

Clare Hancock

Hi All.  For anyone who was interested in the answer to this query ... I emailed the ESFA for clarification, this was their reply ...

"The count stops once a learner goes on a break in learning.  For this learner their attendance on the programme was 35 in total (17 days + BiL + 18 days = 35 days)."