Kay Mellanby

BIL returner from Mat Leave


Hi - if a BIL returner is coming back from Mat Leave and only working 2 days per week do we need to reduce the programme duration and OTJ hours based on the 2 days per week?


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Paul Blackshaw

Hi Kay. You will need to determine and agree with the apprentice and employer a new duration that will allow the apprentice to complete the remaining OTJT hours. So, for example, if they completed 200 OTJT hours prior to the BIL and the programme was planned to include 700 OTJT hours, then the apprentice will require a new duration with sufficient time complete the remaining 500 OTJT hours.    

Kay Mellanby

Thanks - I thought there was a calculation which had to be used to determine the duration if an apprentice worked less than 30 hours per week?