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Change of Circumstances: 30 days // 12 weeks - P225.1


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I have a question regarding P225.1 within the Change of Circumstances section, and the way in which the timelines correlate to one another.

We're aware that if a learner leaves their employer, and does not find new employment within 30-days, a BIL should be imposed. We're also aware that there is then a 12-weeks timeline prior to being made a leaver. Are these timelines entirely separate (i.e. does the 12-weeks start on 'Day 31'), or does the 12-week timeline begin from the Last Day of Learning used as evidence for the BIL?

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Martin West

You would only use one of these rules, 30 days, or 12 weeks as it is the time for finding new employment and for each rule the start date is when they are no longer employed.