Christine Gregory

Apprentice - FS Exemption


Hi, we have a L2 apprentice who has been enrolled to L1 FS as there was no achievement date showing on their PLR.  They are now past their planned end so we have claimed all the funding, but he has now produced his L1 certificate.  He will need to attempt L2, so do I transfer him as of his last day of learning for L1 & just not claim funding for L2?



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Paul Blackshaw

Hi Christine. If L1 FS was started in the 2023/24 funding year, I would delete the aim from your ILR in order for the associated funding to be clawed back. If it was started prior to 2023/24, you will need to end the aim with effect from the start date and then use the EAS to return the funding relating to 2022/23. You can then add the L2 FS aim to your ILR to claim the funding for the period of L2 learning.