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Part time learner


Good Morning,

We are currently evaluating a learner's eligibility for a 2 year apprenticeship and they have put their working hours as 8.  I think this makes him ineligible.  I know we have a couple of learners already on programme who work 20+ hours but this sees very low.

what are your thoughts?




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Martin West

The funding rules state:

65.3. The minimum duration of each apprenticeship is based on the apprentice working at least 30 hours per week, including any off-the-job training they undertake. Working fewer than 30 hours per week or having a zero-hours contract must not be a barrier to successfully completing an apprenticeship.

  1. If, at the beginning of the apprenticeship, the apprentice works fewer than 30 hours a week, or has a zero-hours contract, the provider must extend the expected duration of the apprenticeship, using one of the formulas below, and must work with the employer to make sure that the dates on the apprenticeship agreement and training plan are also extended:

67.1. 12 x 30 / average weekly hours = new minimum duration (months); or 52 x 30 / average weekly hours = new minimum duration (weeks)

New for 1 August 2023

69 Any apprentice, including those who are part-time or on a zero-hours contract, can complete their apprenticeship training earlier than their learning planned end date, where it is practical and possible to do so, provided the minimum duration (12 months) and the minimum off-the-job hours for the actual time in training have been met.

You should consider the above and evaluate if it would be practical and possible to deliver this Apprenticeship.


Jean Parry

Many thanks Martin.  That's really helpful


Problem is, if they're really on 8 hours a week, the extended duration for an App that's usually 24 months would be SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS...