Maria Pannullo

Level 2 FS exemption and learning disability assessment


We have a learner started on a level 3 Apprenticeship programme that has the requirement to do math functional skill at level 2. Our own assessment has judged him to be at entry level 3, but he has a Certificate in Adult Numeracy - Level 1 dated 2011. We also have an external learning difficulty assessment which states that he won't be able to achieve math at level 2. As per the Apprenticeship Funding Guidance 23-24 paragraph 47.1 do we just have to have an evidenced report written out by our Head of Sen to confirm that the apprentice won't be able to achieve the level 2 math functional skill in the timeframe of his programme? The next paragraph only refers to the learner having a plan to work towards and achieve entry level 3 which is not applicable because he already has a evidence for level 1.


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