Rowena Hunter

part time or part-time/term time calculation


Good morning

I just want to check that my thinking on the following is ok.  I have a new apprentice who will be working 25 hrs a week term time, and 7 hours a week during holidays. (She calls herself a term-time only employee but is contracted for the 7 hours in the holidays).   I'm hoping I can just average out the hours over the year and calculate the planned end date as a part-time worker rather than having to factor in term time/holiday time hours.  We would need to adjust her learning plan accordingly but in terms of calculating the planned end date, does this sound reasonable to you?


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Steve Hewitt

Yes, average the hours over the year and then use that as the basis for how much you extend it.

Seems likely, if she's just in seven hours a week over the hols, that she'll not have much time to do a lot of OTJ, so you'll have to flex the rest "per week" to make sure she hits the number by the end.

Rowena Hunter

Many thanks Steve :-)