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2024/2025 Onwards English and maths hours


I'm sure I know the answer to this, but I can already hear our timetabling and English/maths teams asking me am I sure, have I checked, and how are they going to do this... (which isn't my problem!) We're a specialist college for students with disabilities, most profound and complex. Some students meet exemption, but for those doing stepping stone, usually E1 will they also have to meet the COF and do 3 (English), 4 (Maths) hours a week timetabled on the stepping stone qualification? Makes no sense, we do a 38 week year, so that's 114 hours annually minimum, but if you look at say LAR 60075892 GLH is only 60 hours. Anyone else in same situation and want a discussion on ideas?
Unless I've missed something and not applicable to SS quals - although this seems pretty clear: The qualifications that meet the condition of funding are GCSEs, Functional Skills level 2 and other ‘stepping stone’ qualifications.


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Chris Roberts

16 to 19 funding: maths and English condition of funding - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Qualifications approved for teaching to 16 to 19-year-olds who meet the condition of funding

To meet the condition of funding, a student must study an approved qualification for the minimum hours. These are GCSEs, Functional Skills level 2 and certain other qualifications, known as ‘stepping stone’ qualifications. Full-time students who have a GCSE grade 3 or grade D must study a maths and/or English GCSE.

Stepping stone qualifications include:

  • Functional Skills at level 1 and below
  • ESOL qualifications
  • other qualifications nominated by institutions and approved by the Department for Education

The minimum hours for maths qualifications is 4 hours per week. The minimum hours for English qualifications is 3 hours per week.

David Dalby

Thanks Chris, it does appear all stepping stone quals are included, which is bonkers when the GLH are 1/2 the requirement. I see AOC are on the case asking for a complete rethink. For learners with an EHCP this is a dis-incentive to do a qual and find a reason to exempt instead as it stands.