Alice Preece

Part time apprentice - early finish 2023


Hi all, hoping someone could please clarify something for us.

It is our understanding that a part-time apprentice needs to have their minimum duration extended and cannot finish before their new minimum duration using the below calc:

67.1. 12 x 30 / average weekly hours = new minimum duration (months); or 52 x 30 / average weekly hours = new minimum duration (weeks) 

However new for August 2023 the rules now state: 

69. Any apprentice, including those who are part-time or on a zero-hours contract, can complete their apprenticeship training earlier than their extended learning planned end date, where it is practical and possible to do so, provided the minimum duration (12 months) and the minimum off-the-job hours for the actual time in training have been met.

The OTJ training guidance says the same thing but calls 12 months the 'statutory' minimum duration.

So does this mean a learner who works less than 30 hours a week can now finish in 12 months, or must they meet their new minimum duration as suggested by the calculation?


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Martin West

As this is a new rule this year then it would only apply to new starts and not to existing learners on programme on 31 July 2023.

That’s how I read it but you could check with the ESFA.