Kelly Knights

Subcontracting Standard


Still waiting for the outcome for last years audit. Has anyone heard yet re there’s?

They told us we would hear in November and then January.

It’s driving me bonkers


No one has replied to this post.

Jo Phillips

Hi Kelly

Same here not heard anything yet and I submitted the subcontracting standard in Jul 23.

Hopefully we will hear soon.


Kelly Knights

Yes I submitted our report last July too.

Fingers crossed we are hear soon



HI All, 

Ours landed this week, so I suspect others will too. (I am pleased to say that after all of the hard work and effort that went into this piece of work, we achieved the standard.)

Kelly Knights


We also received ours and have been awarded the standard.


Congrats Kelly ! Here's to doing it all again in 2026 

Kelly Knights

I'm hoping to have won the Euro Millions and retired by then - LOL

Paul Whitehead

Congratulations Kelly !  

How did you find out?  Did you get an email or was it uploaded  somewhere?

Kelly Knights

Hi Paul,

Thank you.

Our CEO received a letter - sent via email.