Kelly Knights

OTJ advice



I'm just looking for some advice with OTJ.

I can see the guidance lists a variety of activities that count as OTJ: workshop activity, shadowing, mentoring, writing assignments, to name a few. Is it a case that if something doesn't fall into one of these categories the activity is not OTJ?

Someone just told me that if the learner is doing the activity in their working hours and as long as its not English and Maths than this is OTJ but I'm not sure if I agree. Could anyone advise


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Samantha Hawkins

Hi Kelly

A very top line reply but i believe as long as its classed as 'New learning' they can log as OTJ hours, I also believe they can now also log revision as OTJ.  

I'm sure someone with more knowledge will reply with a much more in depth response but HTH in the meantime :)


Alice Preece


I find the government guidance here is pretty useful, especially the first guide. 

In a nutshell OTJ is - directly relevant to the standard, new knowledge/skills/behaviours, and is in working hours. So not all work activities are going to be directly relevant to the standard, and some stuff they'll only get to talk about once. 

Martin Locock

To expand a little on Samantha's answer, OTJ learning should be linked to the KSBs. Preparing portfolio evidence and attending employer training are not countable as OTJ as these are respectively not new learning (just documenting on-the-job learning that has already taken place) and not apprenticeship learning (since they would be attending in their capacity as an employee).