Rachel Dennis

Break in Learning Due to MH Issues


An employer has told us that his apprentice has not attended for 2 weeks due or poor mental health issues (relating to a family situation); they want to give him some time to rest, recover and decide what he wants to do. 

My question is: do you always have to have the Apprentice's request for a Break in Learning (as per the Provider Support Manual: "You must not record a break in learning unless you and the learner have agreed this"). Or is there any flexibility to be able to support apprentices under these circumstances? 

We are trying to contact the apprentice but we are also sensitive to his current situation / needs.

Thank You


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Carrie Rogers

I'd suggest that applying a BIL at the agreement of the employer would be in the best interest of the learner.  The PSM doesnt take into consideration that sometimes learners are un-reachable (through MH or maybe even emergency treatment) - make sure that you have it all fully documented.    The alternative is you leave them open in the ILR and they become a funding risk.

Rachel Dennis

Thanks Carrie.