Tanya Moon

Delivery Model


We are a new training provider and are developing our delivery model for our programme. Our course duration is set at 18 months by IfATE, and we have the Guided Learning Hours requirement set by the Awarding Body which we are basing our Scheme of Work on. For an 18 month course, that is 78 weeks of training.

Does teaching from us, the Training Provider, need to take place on each of those 78 weeks of the programme, or can we set some weeks as off the job activities for learners to complete, that still count towards the 78 week delivery model, but understandably will not contribute towards the GLHs, as this will need to come directly from teaching i.e. guided learning?

So Week 1 will be a lesson on Health and Safety, Week 2 is activities where the learner is implementing Health and Safety practices into their work, so there is no lesson from us on Week 2, but both weeks still count towards the 78 week delivery programme, but only Week 1 can contribute towards the Guide Learning Hours?

Thank you.


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