Sarah Wartnaby

Residency Permit - Due to Expire


We have a learner who wishes to do an apprenticeship but their current residency permit is due to expire July 2024. My understanding is that they need to apply for an extension before this runs out and are treated as eligible unless the response received is a no (or they don't apply before the expiry date). Though I have something pulling at my memory about a update in 23/24 that could challenge this but can't find it! So is my understanding correct? 


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Steve Hewitt

Hi Sarah

Yes, those five dreadful words added to P20.4 ("because their visa will expire") means that the learner needs to apply for their extension *before* they start their App but given the expiry is July they should be in the window to do that? Once they've applied P296/297 kick in.

Sarah Wartnaby

Ah yes! P20.4 that's the one I recall, many thanks! I have posed the learners situation to the help desk to confirm, learner might get the extension before they start so could resolve the query.