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How to update an employer. name change on their employer account



We have a non-levy employer who changed their company name. Now they are recruiting a new apprentice and want to update their details on their employer account. They have been on HMRCs new Gov.UK One Login system which doesn’t recognise the original email address that their Apprenticeship Service Account was set up with. Also, when they have tried to set up a new login it then won’t allow them to link this to their PAYE Account as it’s “already in use”. How do they resolve this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Changes to the way you log into your Apprenticeship Service account

We have changed the way that you log into your Apprenticeship Service (AS) account.  As part of this change, you will need a GOV.UK One Login.

The first time you log into your account you will be automatically re-directed to create a GOV.UK One login. 

Note: You must use the same email address that is registered with your Apprenticeship Service account when creating your GOV.UK One Login.  If you use a different email address, this will not link with your Apprenticeship Service account, and you will be directed to create a new account next time you try to log in.

Whenever you log in into your Apprenticeship Service account after this, you will be automatically redirected to GOV.UK One Login, where you will sign in. 

If you experience any issues logging into your account, please contact the GOV.UK One Login team directly using their contact form - link


Sent the above to the employer and it seemed to have resolved the situation.