Jean Parry

Withdrawal return


Good Morning,

We have a learner who had reached EPA and decided to withdraw in February 2024 midway through EPA.  We had received 80% of funding by May 2023.

Learner has decided they may now want to return and complete EPA.  As no funding is due at the moment can we just update his ILR as if he hadn't withdrawn in the first place?  Or does it need to be updated as a restart with TNP3 and TNP4?




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Benjamin Feighery

Hi Jean,  This is a bit of a tricky one.

You cannot re-open the old aims as they have been reported closed in a previous academic year so you will have to restart them on programme.  The problem is if there is no learning left to be done and this is assessment only then it is not a valid programme, if the learner had decided to return before hard close 22/23 then the action would have been as you suggested, to re-open the aim but that is no longer possible.  That said, not allowing this would be against the spirit of the funding and would disadvantage the learner by not allowing them to finish their programme.  Another thing to note is that there was guidance issued previously that learner returning to programme with the same employer should be amended to be a break in learning even if they were previously withdrawn.  So if the learner is still with the same Employer then i would be processing a return from break in learning, re-state the TNP1 & 2 and have a file note ready to explain what happened.  The previous withdrawal must keep the same actual end date but you can change the withdrawal reason to be a break in learning.  Hope that helps.

Jean Parry

Hi Benjamin,

Thank you for your reply.  The learner only actually withdrew last month but their last evidenced day of learning was when they completed their main aim which was July last year.  Would this make a difference?

Benjamin Feighery

My apologies, I read your post as the learner withdrew last May.  In that case it is fine to just re-open as there should be no break's processed with the learners once they hit gateway due to the learning elements having been completed.


Ben F.

Jean Parry

Hi Ben,

Sorry I wasn't very clear.  May was when 80% funding was received.  Learner reached gateway in July

Benjamin Feighery

The gateway date (ZPROG001 Actual End Date) will remain the July date but the learner should be returned to completion status 1, outcome 8 while they await their EPA tests.  Once their EPA test is taken then the Achievement date is added and the status/outcome is changed but the actual end date should always stay as the gateway date.

Jean Parry

Thanks Ben.  Much appreciated