Anneliese Mason

Apprentice completed waiting EPA


I have an apprentice who has completed their practical period and is just waiting for their EPA date that wants to start on a L3 study programme (part time).  Can we start her on her SP before she has sat her EPA?


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Steve Hewitt

My initial thought is "no", but now I'm trying to work out exactly why... 23.13 is the appropriate para:

23. A provider must not claim funding for individuals who:

23.13. Are in receipt of any other direct DfE funding during their apprenticeship;

Suppose it depends how we define "during" and whether it includes gateway? Would be wary about starting them on an SP before they'd done their EPA though (what if they fail it!?)...


Anneliese Mason

Thanks Steve - that was my thoughts as their ILR Completion Status against the ZPROG is left at 1 - continuing with the Outcome - Learning activities completed, pending outcome. 

I just couldn't find the supporting bit in the rules!

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