Darren Vidler

QAR at provider level


Hi folks, 

Does anyone know if the QAR results by provider at standard level have been, or will be, shared. I've been able to find overall QAR results but not provider and the standards they deliver. Looking to do some benchmarking if possible.




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Steve Hewitt

They are a PIG to find, but YES!

Go here:


Download the zip of all data, and look for apps_narts_provider_level_fwk_std.csv in the data folder et voila!

Darren Vidler

Thanks Steve!

Thought I'd checked all the files but clearly not... problem solved.

Darren Vidler

Ah, it only seems to have 21/22 data included so I'll have to wait for the 22/23 dataset to be added

Simon Liversedge

Should be the end of this month when 22/23 are published Darren Vidler

Darren Vidler

Thanks Simon, just seen the note re the 21st of March update

Steve Hewitt

I mean, it'll take them another two months to release the data in an appropriate format if last year was anything to go by [grumble grumble grumble] (actually, that was E&T, think the App data was fine...)

Eleanor Piper

Looking at our stats, the overall QAR matches our final QAR on VYED but the numbers of leavers, completers etc are different.


Are these numbers rounded to "smooth" the data?


I am sure this is covered somewhere in the reams of technical documentation but I am hoping that a more experienced head than mine will know the answer.

Steve Hewitt

Hi Eleanor

Yes, the QAR published data is usually rounded to the nearest ten for Important Statistical Reasons about anonymisation. And, inevitably, the lower down you go, the more lumpy this makes the data look in comparison to actuals. 

Eleanor Piper

Thanks Steve.