Ian Morton

Over performance query


I hope someone can help. Over delivery and growth on the Study Programme contract has always been paid to ITPs in March in our experience. It doesn't seem to have happened this year. Does anyone have any information about if and when it will be paid?


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Paul Taylor

I would raise this with your contract manager to seek clarification. Due to the lagged funding ethos, Study Programme contracting is not flexible to support demand led growth in the way that other commissioning can.  They 'may' support growth but it is likely that they will not confirm this until R10 or more likely post-R14 which is unlikely to give you the assurances you want. 

Chris Roberts

We had ours in the March remittance for 22-23 but haven't heard anything for 23-24 after spending the contract by R06. 

39. ESFA will make interim growth payments in March 2024. These will be 50% of the 
interim reconciliation value for contract institutions that have already achieved their full 
whole year allocation, according to their ILR R06 data return. We will repeat the process 
with the ILR R10 return, and any outstanding balance of the initial 50% will be paid in 
July/August 2024. Subject to affordability, we may also make a further 25% growth 
payment in July/August based on the ILR R10 data.