Christina Marfleet

Change of employer resulting in over funding band maximum



Please could someone offer their understanding of a change of employer <30 days.  I have an apprentice who has the below change of employer dates.  I'd arranged with employer 1 a refund of the co-investment based up to the amount due to Nov 23 as they would not be liable for the 5% of the December payment (my understanding of the funding).  I'd also worked out the TNP3 and TNP4s for employer 2 but I now have an above funding band price which is the December payment as I worked out the new TNPs based on the fact that employer 1 had only used up to Nov 2023.

employer 1: 23/12/2023 last day of employment.

employer 2: 02/01/2024 first day of employment.

Am I right to say that I now need to go back to the employer 2 and explain that I've over charged them by the December value (£342) which is good for them.  But where then does the December payment fall, employer 1 isn't liable neither is employer 2 so would it have been funded by the government?

Would you do an employment status update dated 23/12 to show unemployment?

Many thanks for your help.


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Christina Marfleet

Thank you Martin, we've done that so the stop dates are all okay.  It's the question around the December payment as surely it wouldn't fall to employer 1 or employer 2, as he was not employed by either on 31/12.