Jessica De Melo

Transfer to new Provider - Funding to Date


Hi Everyone,

Where a learner transfers to a new provider on the same apprenticeship standard, but a substantial amount of time has passed since they left the first provider, how do you find out how much funding had been drawn down? 

My initial thought was to check with the employer, but the learner has since moved to a new company. Can we contact the old provider?

Thank you in advance.


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Louise Tomkins

Hi Jessica, 

I would always try and obtain it from all areas, I would initially check the PLR to see it it clarifies the start/planned/actual end dates for you, once you have all three dates, you should be able to calculate the max funding claimed by another provider using the dates of learning and the funding band max, then applying the 80/20 funding calculation to work out the OPP values and the amount of months claimed to date.

I would also ask the employer, where possible, if they can confirm the funding paid to the previous provider to see if it ties in with your calculation. If its not closed on the PLR, I would also ask the employer/learner if they can confirm the dates in learning, they may have received a withdrawal letter and I would try to contact the previous provider, although they may not respond.

This should then help you to calculate the possible remaining funds available and that along with your own initial assessment and discussion with the employer should help you determine a price. We have in the past charged the employer in excess of the cap if the progress made was drastically behind the funding claimed by the previous provider, but this will depend on your relationship with the employer, how many learners you have with them etc.

ESFA will only provide this information to you once you put the learner in the ILR and they will then inform you of any value claimed over the cap and the funds remaining at the start of the episode with you.

I hope this helps.


Jessica De Melo

Thanks Louise, really helpful.