Post-16 Monitoring

Review hours for 16 to 19 qualifications and non-qualifications


Please review hours for 16 to 19 qualifications and non-qualifications delivery before submitting your R09 ILR data return


We have identified two specific areas where numerous providers have data errors. To help you reduce your errors, and the chance of being selected for audit, please use the post-16 monitoring reports dashboard to review the following reports:

·      FRM43 - 16 to 19 study programme students on qualifications with no planned learning hours (PLH)


·      FRM56 - 16 to 19 study programmes with PLH but no regulated qualifications


You must ensure your PLH and EEP hours accurately reflect the qualifications and non-qualifications activity being delivered in the current academic year.


The PLH field must reflect the total planned timetabled hours spent on DfE approved qualifications only. You must record PLH for these qualifications on the ILR.


You need to return a value of zero PLH if the learner is participating solely in employability, enrichment and pastoral activities during the year and is not enrolled on a 16 to 19 study programme including qualifications. Do not record a value above zero in the PLH field for non-qualifications.




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