Rowena Hunter

How to record changes when a learning plan is amended


Good afternoon.  

Following a progress review, it was agreed that a unit of work be removed from the learning plan of one of hours apprentices.  This would result in a small reduction in cost and planned hours.  (He would still be over the minimum 12 months required).  In terms of recording the changes, I want to check if I have this correct:

1.  Leave the original planned end date as recorded in the ILR as it is. 
2.  Leave the planned hours as currently recorded in the ILR as they are. 
3.  Add a new TNP1 with the new price and add the date effective from (ie, today)
4. Update the Apprentice Agreement and Training Plan to show all the changes to the planned end date, planned hours and price.  These will not match with the IRL any longer. 


Please advise if I have this correct or should I be recording the changes differently.  


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