Tyron Wain

Part-time Apprentice finishing early


Hi all. 

Got a 22/23 apprentice who was originally signed up on 16 hours a week - apprenticeship extended to 26 months and min OTJ calculated as 337.

Apprentice is doing really well, and is likely to complete in 17 months - 9 months early. Minimum OTJ has been hit, but planned OTJ is a lot more (planned for 500).

I just want to check as long as the minimum duration (12 months) and minimum OTJ (our calculated 337) is met that we satisfy the apprenticeship funding rules. We will reflect the changes in an updated App Agreement and Training Plan once agreed with the employer.


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Becky O'Brien

I believe that should be fine as minimum duration AND minimum actual OTJ have been met. 

You will need a summary statement as well as the updated AA and TP,  as they have not completed all the planned hours.