Kirsty Cavanagh

Work experience end dates


Good morning, 

I am wondering if anyone can clarify for me, we have learners this year who are accessing work experience placements internally and externally and some of these placements have been offered extensions on their current planned end dates, I know that we would not normally change a planned end date unless an administrative error but what would you do in this circumstance? We are currently tracking additional sessions and hours with out updating the planned end date but the hours that link to the placement would be updated to reflect actual hours, would this just be the case that the actual end date is much later than the plan or could I change the planned end date to reflect the new end date offered.

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Chris Roberts

Like you say you only really change the PED if its a genuine inputting/admin error. 

What advantage are you going to get from doing it?

Kirsty Cavanagh

Thank you Chris, it was more to have one reporting function to follow with tracking their placements etc and the now actual revised planned end date being present on the system - however we have a secondary tracking tool to ensure nothing is missed and will record the additional hours along with actual end date when appropriate.

Thank you for responding its very much appreciated

Chris Roberts

Just need to ensure that the first and last date of attendance in the register matches the actual start and end date in the ILR.

Your attendance records, reviews and sign off from the employer is your audit evidence.