Charmaine Keeley

QAR data - definition of 'ended aims'


Hi, I am trying to do some work on predicting our QAR figures for 2023/24. 

I understand the following definitions used in the calcs: 

  • Achieved aims - those with an outcome of 1 (Achieved)
  • Completed aims - those with a completion status of 2

But what about ended aims? Is it really just those with an actual end date? And if so, that would include anyone at status 1&8? If that's the case it seems strange because those in EPA will count as ended aims, but wouldn't count as a positive figure in either the achievement rate (no. of ach aims as % of total no. of aims ended) or retention rate (no. of completed aims as a % of total no. of aims ended) - and would therefore drag down these figures until they move on from completion status 1. Or, are ended aims defined as something different? Should I be excluding anyone at completion status 1, because although there is an actual end date for the apprenticeship, they're actually not finished yet? 

I'm going round in circles... any help much appreciated! 




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Ben James

If we assume this is for 22/23, for ease of use regarding dates.

Someone with an actual end date would count toward the Overall_Leaver (or 'ended' aim) total because they satisfy the first of the below 4 criteria:

  1. (Learning Actual End Date is present; and the Learning Actual End Date is no later than 31 July 2023); or
  2. (Achievement Date is present; and the Achievement Date is no later than 31 July 2023 – where returned on the ILR for learners on Programme Type of 25 and a Funding Model of 36); or
  3. Overdue_Continuing_Aim = 1; or
  4. Overdue_Planned_Break = 1 

However, if said learner is 1/8 because they've finished the learning but not taken the EPA, their Achievement Year gets set to 0 instead of -1, meaning their Hybrid End Year is set to 2022.5 instead of 2022, and they're therefore not yet 'counted' in the QAR until they either subsequently achieve or are withdrawn.


Charmaine Keeley

Ben James - thank you for your super helpful response. I'm starting to slowly see how it all fits together - had missed the magic .5 for the 1/8 learners - that explains it. 

Thanks again!