Jean Parry

Change of employer



We have a learner who is at EPA and also due to change employer in the next month or so.  When they move to their new employer, they will have completed most of the EPA and only have the presentation left to do.  My question is - which employer is liable for the completion payment?  I am concerned that both refuse to pay and we will be out of pocket.



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Ben James

I think on the basis that they don't give us the completion payment until all elements are complete, I don't see how they could take it from the first employer when this wasn't the case before the apprentice left them. I think it's almost certainly employer 2 that bears the responsibility, though you may wish to clarify with the desk

120. We will pay the remaining balance (the completion payment) of the total negotiated price, up to the funding band maximum, to the provider when the apprentice has undertaken all the activity relevant to the apprenticeship, including completing all elements of the end-point assessment.  

Jean Parry

Many thanks Ben.  This was the direction I was going too