Adam Yoxall

Functional skills GLH


We are planning to begin delivering an accredited English functional skills course each term, with learners taking an exam at the end of each term. Since inevitably over a course lasting multiple weeks some learners will fall behind and may not be ready for their exams, our plan was to allow them to instead attend the sessions being run the following term and for them to then sit their exam at the end of that term. As a result their hours attended would be higher than the GLH of the course and their actual end date would be later than their planned end date, and we would update the ILR to reflect this.

However when we mentioned these plans during a mock Ofsted preparation, the ex-HMI running the visit advised us that we should double check we aren't contravening any funding rules, because he thought we could be by "rolling over" the learner to another course the following term.

Does anybody know if we would indeed be allowed to do this?


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